Marquee hire considerations when hiring for an Asian wedding

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Does it fit

As you will so often hear – size does in fact matter. So much so that when you consider marquee hire, you need to also consider the size of your garden. If your garden is say 10m x 25m, then a marquee of the same size may not fit in it. The work involved in erecting a marquee requires  sufficient space around the marquee to put it up. If you’d like it done without losing your precious flowerbeds, you’ll need to account for the ground area that they take up too. A professional marquee hire company will know how sizing works. If size isn’t one of the first questions they raise you should ask why.

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What is it made of?

You get a wedding tent and then you get a Marquee. It should have a floor, windows and doors. It should be waterproof and a good vendor should even be able to offer a marquee in different colours.

How soggy is the ground where you intend to have the marquee put up? If the ground is soggy and wet all year round, you run the risk of an uneven floor, even when a raised floor is installed in the tent space. This could cause problems especially if you’re going to dance inside. There are also other issues surrounding mobility for guests with disabilities that you will need to consider.

Will it be waterproof, and we don’t just mean if there’s a light shower? Should there be a sudden downpour halfway through proceedings can you be sure that your wedding won’t be washed out?

Ask about the available types of lining and whether they have different Fabric choices too. This is important because of the colour combinations needed to match with the wedding colours, as well as the needs of the photographer.


What kind of time does it take the marquee hire company to erect the marquee and how long to take it down – This will have a direct impact on the other providers at your wedding. Whoever is providing your catering will need several hours beforehand to prepare and all your tables and chairs will need to be set up. The marquee will already have to have been set up for this to happen, what about the internal décor and possibly even a mandap, which can several hours to put together.

This could also affect your choice of location particularly if the venue has back to back bookings for weddings during the Summer months.

The Devil is in the detail

Marquees are like houses, they can perform the same function, but look remarkably different. Find the marquee specialist that will understand what it is that you want and that may even have a variety of marquee styles available. Those wishing to take a departure from the traditional can even get Tipi style tents for their wedding.

If your marquee is going to be located in the middle of a field, how is it going to be lit up? If there will be band playing, how will they plug everything in? The safe provision of electrical points that meet the requirements of the band, the caterers and the guests themselves cannot be left as an afterthought. Will it require a generator or is there going to be a connection to a more permanent electric supply?


Wedding Insurance exists for a good reason. People have needed it or discovered that they should have had it when they didn’t. This kind of insurance will also cover contingencies and claims should anything go seriously wrong with the venue.

Check that your tent hire provider is insured. In fact, check that all your providers are insured especially if you have one provider offering more than one service. Not only for the service itself, but also other important insurance details such as public liability insurance. If one of the guests fall or are injured because of a poorly erected marquee, you want to be sure that they are covered.

Practical considerations with Marquee hire

How far are your guests from the closest toilets? Does the marquee come with a popup kitchen? Some Marquee companies also provide a catering service or Vice versa, ask when getting quotes for the big day. If you have one company covering multiple aspects of the wedding there is less than go wrong if service providers are dependent on one another to work in a specific order.

Ask for referrals from previous customers or where you can see testimonials online. Browse a reputable Asian directory like