Planning the perfect Indian Wedding

Everyone knows, Indian wedding planning is one of the most demanding of lifetime events. An Indian wedding is right up there with bereavement, moving to a new house, change of job and marriage itself in major life stressors.

Plan and prioritise

Often, we are told not to overthink things, but when it comes to wedding planning it seems that it’s not possible to overthink the situation. It’s going to involve multiple to do lists and getting the lists themselves in the right order followed by the tasks on the lists will  bring the stress down a notch or two.



Plan the date

Save the date

Planning a wedding is a bit like a pyramid of cards. If you don’t have the planning structure and priorities in the correct order there is a substantial risk that the whole thing will come crashing down.

The Date

Choosing the date is probably the single most difficult thing to do. This is particularly true when you may have relatives crossing the globe to attend. Friend and family availability aside there are several other considerations that should be made.

Start with a date range. Possibly pick the month first. This is going to be important because you are going to want to find service providers that are at the top of your list, all with availability on the same date. Your first priorities are going to be the Asian wedding venue, the Mandap and tent hire and the Asian wedding photographer. Without these of course, nothing will happen.

Once you have created your priority list, then make a sub list. The Indian Wedding Venue would be the first on your main list. Make a sub list of at least five possible Asian Wedding venues. Then do the same by creating a sub list of five resources for Mandap and tent hire. Then again a list of five Asian wedding photographers.

Contact them all and providing your date range ask them to let you have available dates. By doing this you will be able to mix and match to have at least one of each confirming the same dates in your date range.


Once you have the date and time related issues resolved, you will want to work on colours and themes. That includes clothes. Especially when it comes to the younger members of the wedding party you will want to look for some cute clothes that may be able to be worn a few times. However, it’s not only about cheap cute clothes because getting the look right is ultra important. After all this day will only come around once in a lifetime. Searching out the best places to find those white summer dresses for junior photographs does not need to be a mission.

Using a resource such as the NKlem - fashion forum, you’ll be able to find ideas and suggestions galore. These will direct you to everything you will need to make sure the day goes off as planned.

The fashion conscious bride will want to kick off her Asics gel women’s nimbus shoes and opt for some fabulous wedding shoes instead.


Don’t be afraid to ask advice and for referrals. Forums are excellent for this kind of thing. You’ll also learn from the mistakes that others have made and how to avoid them.

Be sure to find an experienced Asian Wedding Photographer, particularly because of the necessity to understand how Indian weddings proceed. The best reference is word of mouth. Ask friends, family and search online forums and don’t forget to ask the future mother in law. It may not be a necessity, but is an opportunity to lay the ground for a smooth relationship over the future years.

Finding the perfect Asian Wedding venue can also be a bit of a maze. You will need to ask what is inclusive so that there are no nasty surprises on the day.  Consider whether catering is provided in house, or whether this will need to be provided by an external provider. These can make the difference to final cost and relieve stress from having to deal with an additional provider.

Keep calm follow advice

Some venue providers will provide a package that includes catering and Mandap and tent hire. This resolves problems around planning the date.

Always be sure to read the small print and get everything in writing. If you need to double check anything or address any issues that arise you will be prepared to deal with them. Don't forget it's your big day – plan and prioritise effectively and all will run smoothly.
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